Gingerols are anti-inflammatory compounds found in Ginger. This beautiful food may be one of most healthy food in the world. This aromatic and spicy rhizome found in the underground of the ginger plant once found only in asian cooking is now available worldwide even in your local supermarket The flesh of the Ginger Rhizome can […]

Safron Nature’s Miracle spice

As saffron has been used as a food spice for centuries without toxic effects it is considered safe as a medicine to use in this way. However more is not necessarily better. Saffron safe doses up to 1.5grams but at 5 grams it has been reported to be toxic. Therapeutic doses of 30-60 mg per day is considered safe. There is a warning to those who use saffron while on anti-coagulants such as warfrin. it is reccomended that you consult your medical practitioner first if you are using these medications.

Nourish and Nature Bali

Its been a long time coming but our trip to indonesia was one of shortest yet most adventerous trips. This tropical paradise is both a wonder and amazement at the lifestyle and culture. On our Journey we have discovered a few nourishing plants and natural phenomenons that cause us to Give Praise to God for […]

RESTORED – God’s way of Healing Blood Pressure

Unfortunately my mum was recently diagnosed with Hypertension or high blood pressure: that is a systolic (top number) higher than 140 and a diastolic (bottom number) higher than 90. You may be surprised to find out that God has factured methods to maintain a healthy blood pressure in his love letters the Bible.

Coffeeberry benefits

This issue of drinking coffee has been on my mind for a while simply because everywhere you go you can see coffee products and coffee shops. In a world so fast moving and people crying out of being constantly tird i wish there was something i could do. many people are turning to cofee for […]

Married and never separated

This should be every married persons dream and mostly it is in the early days. The times when things are sweet and the honeymoon stage seems to last forever. That’s not the marriage that I am talking about though. This one is a unity of two sound principles for human restoration. The Lord has signified […]

benefits of sunlight

Often times we just consider sunlight to be one of the feel good part of summer that we just don’t feel happy without. That may be even more true than you realise. Below I have compiled a list of benefits that sunlight brings that we simply can not live without. One thing we can live […]

Iron Woman Smoothie

That is twice your daily iron intake and twice the vitamin C to absorb it and yes folate all in all that’s a pretty awesome Iron Woman smoothie.